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We have had many employees through the years who have helped us create countless successful projects.

​Upon getting married in 1997, Patti Johnson became a key component to the success of our business. Her experience in the home building industry, flair for design, and advanced degree in Mathematics made her an invaluable asset.

Founded in 1994, We remain focused on our original principles. Our goal has always been to produce exquisite spaces for a discerning clientele. Through the many cycles we've seen in residential construction in 21 years, we have consistently managed through creativity and sheer determination to deliver at or above expectation.

After almost a decade apprenticing in other shops, Michael opened his first location: A small 2500 square foot building without a showroom. At the age 24, Michael built this tool cabinet to hang behind the main assembly bench and client meeting location. It was meant to be functional and gain the respect and confidence of prospective clients. It still hangs in the shop today.

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cabinetMakers inc.

​​Michael S. Johnson & Co. 

Michael S. Johnson & Co.